Sunday, February 9, 2014

Castleville Legends - Mobile/Web

I created many buildings and scenes for Zynga's latest Invest/Express game Castleville: legends. Here are some examples of my work on this project. These were created with a combination of high poly 3D modeling and hand painted/procedural shaders in 3DSmax.  
Software Used: 3DSMax, Photoshop

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rinth Island - Mobile/Web

Rinth Island is a 3D sidescrolling platformer released on IOS and Facebook. The games puzzles revolve around a 360 degree column of varying heights. I was responsible for the overall scene composition and lighting, as well as much of the gameplay and environmental art for several levels, and contributed art to others. I also got to make some pets and player costumes. These are In-Engine shots in Unity. 
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop, Unity Engine

Sidescroller Concept - PC

This was a cool sidescroller project that we were developing at one point. I did the level concepts, layout and lighting as well as much of the environment art in these scenes below. Props to Howard Day, the other awesome artist who worked on these environments with me! These are In-Engine shots from Infernal.
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop, Inferno Engine.

also a 2D concept for a level that was never finished.

Castleville - Web

I created many buildings and scenes for the web title from Zynga. Here are some examples of my work on this project. They are built as a combo of 3D geometry and hand painted texture. These images are at game resolution with the characters in there for scale reference. 
Software Used: 3DSMax, Photoshop

Cityville - Web

I created many tiny buildings and scenes for the web title from Zynga. This image is at game resolution.
Software Used: 3DSMax, Photoshop

Tony Hawk Shred & Ride - Wii

I was Lead Environment artist on Tony Hawk Shred and got to do the primary level art on the Training Hanger level and the Hawaiian run. The Halfpipe and airport shots are from Tony Hawk Ride. These are In-Game screenshots.
Software Used: XSI, Photoshop

Tomb Raider Underworld - Wii

Sadly most of my work on this title has been lost, but I still have these examples of environments that I did for it. In Game screenshots.
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop

maya renders